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At the ceremony held the Oklahoma State Capitol, we recognized the following individuals for Outstanding Human Rights Achievement:

Sarah Adams-Cornell

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Sarah Adams-CornellĀ is being honored for her efforts to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day. Her leadership on this issue garnered tremendous public support, and it resulted in a vote in the Oklahoma City Council — which fell short when the City Council failed to support the initiative. She managed to galvanize groups of diverse people to stand up for human rights.

From the nomination submitted by Priya Desai:

“Sarah Adams-Cornell’s dedication to uplifting and engaging her fellow Indigenous Peoples to fight for their rights and representation in the public sphere is unmatched.

“In a state like Oklahoma, it is sometimes disheartening and discouraging when we pride ourselves on Native History, but turn our backs to their struggles. She is finding a way to empower indigenous youth and adults to engage in civic participation while educating the general community about Indigenous Peoples and Cultures to create change.

“Her work promotes human rights for a population that has been ignored for far too long and has been subjected to racism, prejudice, and numerous injustices. She, and other Native leaders, led the effort to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day which garnered tremendous public support, but failed when the City Council voted. She managed to galvanize groups of diverse people to stand up for human rights.

“I am proud to nominate her for the 2015 Human Rights Award.”


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