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Anyone can nominate someone for the OUHRA Award. Please follow these guidelines and instructions.

Instructions for nominations

  • Applications must be received by Nov. 1. Any nominations received after that will be considered for the following year.
  • Only one nomination per person, per year.
  • Our instructions and forms are subject to change, so make sure to use the form for the year you are submitting. If you have an older form, please download a new one. If you need one emailed to you, contact us.
  • Before submitting, check the online directory to determine if your proposed nominee has not already received the award.
  • Adequate information must be submitted for our nominations committee to access the candidate. While being concise provide the information listed below.
  • Please do not send only someone’s curriculum vitae — tailor your submission for our award and provide a specific pitch for why they deserve it. If approved, your submission will be used for that nominee’s description on our website and in press materials.
  • If approved, OKUHRA will notify your nominee about the award and the December ceremony by postal mail. Both you and they are asked to attend that event. You agree to notify us if that will not be possible.
  • Submitted materials cannot be returned. Keep copies for yourself.

Filling out the nomination form

To have your nominee considered, you should include:

  • The person’s full legal name. (A background check will be performed.) If they are commonly known by another name, include that as well.
  • Name and contact info for both yourself and your nominee.
  • A brief biography including:
    • where they were born,
    • how long they have lived om the U.S. (if they were not born in the U.S.),
    • how long they have lived in Oklahoma,
    • their education,
    • jobs they have held,
    • any previous honors.
  • Anything else that seems pertinent. We would like to get to know them and evaluate their life and career in addition to their work for human rights.

Download nomination form

The file should be opened in Word or other word-processing program, and edited with your info, then saved with your nominee’s name. If you have problems, contact us.

How to submit the nomination

Email : Format should be a .doc or .docx or PDF. Send to

Postal mail: OUHRA, c/o John Walters, 7317 NW 118th Street, OKC, OK 73162